The Dental Students' Research Journal

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The journey of the this issue started within the Standing Committe on Research and Education of IADS. We have formed an Editorial Leadership and Boards team, which assured the creation of the working framework, guidelines and other standard procedures in such cases.

It was a remarkable aexperience for everyone who has worked on the creation of this issue, as it was npt oly a foundation process, but also one from which we were learning step by step under the guidance of our Advisory Honorary Board members.

It is expected for the publication to develop two issues a year to be spread among the student community in printed as well as online version.

We wish for the current publication to set up an example and encourage the dental students' involvement within the research activities. Many challenges await us ahed, but we are confident that "Dental Students' Research Journal"will become step by step will become a highly appreciated publictaion within the dental research field.